The House Majority Project

Our Mission:

To build a brighter future for Colorado, where hardworking Coloradans have the opportunity to succeed and a fair shot at the American Dream – by protecting and expanding a Democratic majority in the Colorado House of Representatives.

Democrats invest in Colorado’s future

Our Democratic state representatives are fighting for what’s right and fair:

    • Strengthening the middle class
    • Investing in making Colorado schools the best in the nation
    • Helping small businesses grow and create good jobs
    • Making college more affordable for hardworking Colorado families
    • Ensuring women earn equal pay for equal work
    • Working to preserve our quality of life by protecting our clean air, water, and open spaces.

When Democrats hold the majority in the State House, our top priority is investing in Colorado’s future to the benefit of all Coloradans.

The House Majority Project invests in Democrats

As an initiative of the Colorado Democratic Party, the House Majority Project works toward protecting and expanding our Democratic majority in the Colorado House of Representatives. It takes a statewide view of Colorado politics: using data analysis, candidate training and recruitment, and then by vigorously supporting Democratic candidates in targeted races, the House Majority Project plays a critical role in protecting Democratic seats and turning GOP seats blue.

Your investment in HMP is an investment in Colorado’s future

We can’t afford to go backwards. But we can’t keep moving forward without your help. The House Majority Project won’t succeed in its mission without the support of citizens like you.

Please click here to make a generous donation, and join your Democratic State House members in working to build a brighter future for Colorado.

Your donation is critical to this important project.